About Pressure Switches

We supply companies worldwide with compact electronic pressure switches with integrated digital display from variety of manufacturers. We carry different lines of switches from SKF, Hydac, IFM Efector and Vogel. We will be able to supply any type of switch for any application such as industrial environment with exposure to shock and vibration as well as environment s with sanitary requirements and exposure to high pressure cleaning, outdoor environment with electro-magnetic interference and many others.

Our most popular pressure switches are IFM PN7 series, Hydac EDS 3400, SKF DSC series (SKF 176-190-001-V1), Vogel DS-EP series (VOGEL DS-EP40-D4) and Keyence GP-M Series heavy-duty digital pressure sensors. We can supply switches with any type of connection such as NPT, BSPP and SAE.

All our pressure switches are brand new, non-refurbished, directly from manufacturers and are made in Germany!

Pressure Switch Features

Not sure if you are ordering the right switch? Don’t worry! Simply give us a call or e-mail and our engineer will be able to help you choose the proper product. We carry any type of switches designed for various pressure and application. Most of the switches feature:

  • Simple pushbutton setup allows the sensor to be configured in less than 5 minutes
  • Ceramic pressure sensor element is more reliable than mechanical switches
  • Each sensor has multiple outputs for flexibility
  • Integrated 4-digit display eliminates the need for a reference gauge
  • Stainless steel construction is designed to last in harsh environments
  • Selection of value display in bar, psi or MPa
  • Simple handling through key programming
  • Switching points and reset hysteresis can be adjusted independently of one another
  • Many helpful additional functions
  • Option of terminal assignment with diagnostics function in conformance with DESINA®
  • Optional with menu navigation in accordance with VDMA (unit sheet VDMA 24574-1)


Why Buy From Us?

Buying from us is beneficial simply because we provide the best possible price available on the market. We can do so since we buy directly from manufacturers and keep our operations cost low.

But the price is not the only reason you should buy from us. We are an independent engineering consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada that specializes in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment sales and design.

Not only we can provide you with solid product at an unbeatable price but we also understand what you need. We speak your language and will be able to suggest you a product alternative or a part replacement which will be designed to work specifically for your application.

You communicate not with a sales person but with a highly experienced hydraulic and pneumatic engineer who will be able to answer all your questions and accept your order. To find out more about our company, please visit our site: www.unitechltd.ca

  • Directly from manufacturers
  • Speak with experienced engineer
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Unbeatable price
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